Elise - 3 Months

Dear Elise,

Oh my stars, I can't believe that today you have been with us for 1/4 of a year! You are growing and changing so much every day. Here is what you are up to:
  • You weighed 10lbs. 4oz at your 2 month checkup and were 23 inches long. You did great even though you had to have shots.
  • You eat 4oz. in each bottle, but you still want to eat every 3 hours.
  • You sleep about 6 hours straight at night, usually going to bed between 9 and 10 and waking to eat between 3 and 4.
  • You wear size 1 diapers.
  • You are wearing mostly size 3 months clothing, with a few 0-3 month sleepers that still fit in there.
  • Just before Christmas, you discovered your hands. You had been putting them in your mouth all along, but one day you just sat, holding them in front of your face, turning them this way and that, exploring. It was the neatest thing to watch.
  • You celebrated your 1st Christmas this month and were completely underwhelmed, sleeping while we opened all of your presents for you! You were, however, completely mesmerized by the lights on the tree and could stare at them for hours.
  • Your Mimi gave you an activity mat/play gym for Christmas and you love it. It is great for those newly discovered hands, since it has bright, noisy toys that you love to bat at. Every once in a while you grab one and will just hold on.
  • We visited all of your grandparents over Christmas, so you spent the night in lots of new places, and you did great...of course, you were held a lot and were pretty rotten by the time we got you back home. And I think that your PawPaw might be worried about all of the 80's music that your Dad exposes you to because he felt the need to introduce you to John Denver while we were at his house...
  • You stayed in the nursery once at church this month and did great, you really like the swing in there.
  • You still get hiccups at least once a day.
  • You are turning into a drooler!
  • You are trying to "hold" your bottle, keeping both hands grasped around the neck when you eat. You are not quite strong enough to hold it up yet, but you still hold on tight!
  • You have a crooked grin that we think is absolutely adorable and you show it off whenever we ask you if you have smiles for us.
  • Outside of family, you will smile the most at the B-Man. He talked and talked to you one Wednesday night during Kid's Bible Study and you just smiled a ton at him. He just told me last week that he gets confused with your name and sometimes he says the "L" first and your name ends up coming out as Louise, it is pretty cute. What is it with us, Team Jacie, and nicknames?
  • Sometimes you wave your fists at your Daddy and he swears that you are threatening to give him a knuckle sandwich!
You are our greatest joy and we love you so much!

Mommy (and Daddy!)


Jessica McCoy said...

She's so precious!!

Emmy said...

So so beautiful! And it totally looks like she is going to give your husband a knuckle sandwich- love it!

Janette Johanson said...

I just love pictures of her!! Elise is so pretty and has cute sweetest lil' lips!! Just wanna smooch her! I've finally taught Rayne to close her mouth when I kiss her so its not all teeth- I can't wait to hear how she grows this year! I also hope you get a longer night sleep soon! xoxo

Connie said...

She is so stinkin cute!!

becca said...

omg look how much she has grown

Impulsive Addict said...

I love that you do this! This is so sweet. She weighed the same as Drew at his 2 month check up! Cool! But he's a chunky monkey and SHE is not! He was only 21 inches.