Here's a little of this-n-that on this Monday...
  • Had to go back to work today, fortunately it's only for 2 days and then the rest of the week is holiday time. Missing Elise, but she and her Daddy were nice enough to bring me lunch and the Rev texts me pics of her all day so that helps.
  • Saw Breaking Dawn Part 2 on opening night last week. I loved it! I also loved the preview for the new Nicholas Sparks movie! The other random vampire/zombie movie previews? Not so much...
  • It's getting cold here, so I'm on the hunt for tights for Elise, so I don't look like a bad Mom for taking her to church in skirts with bare legs. I can only find them in 0-6 months size, which swallow her whole. This whole baby clothing sizing is tricky.
  • The Rev and I went to a SC football game on the spur of the moment this weekend. Someone who had tickets and a parking pass decided not to go at the last minute and gave us their tickets. It was so cold and windy, but I love football, hate that the season is winding down.
  • I'm really craving hot chocolate...
  • The Rev reminded me at lunch that I haven't logged into My Fitness Pal in 3 days...ugh, remind me why I decided to let him keep tabs on me? On the plus side, I had my checkup on Friday and had lost 30lbs. since getting pregnant in January, so that is a good start.
  • Looking forward to Thanksgiving food on Thursday (My Fitness Pal will get a laugh that day!). Still trying to decide on shopping on Friday.
What about you? Did you have a good weekend, how's Monday treating you, got big Thanksgiving plans?

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Connie said...

I'm craving hot chocolate with Bailey's in it. :)

I lost weight while pregnant too! Best diet ever.