Elise - 1 Month

Dear Elise,

Today you are 1 month old. On the one hand, I can't believe it has been a month since you joined us and on the other hand I can't remember what life was like without you. Remember when I told you here that I would be using my blog to document your life, using it as your virtual scrapbook? Let's get started, here is a little bit about you:
  • You weighed 6lbs. 15oz. at birth, but we had some feeding troubles when we got home and you dropped down to 5lbs. 15oz by the end of your first week. Those were scary times, but we found the right combination of breastfeeding and formula and you weighed 7lbs. at your 2 week checkup. We see so much growth in you every day!
  • You eat every 2-4 hours, it just depends on whether you are sleeping or awake. Most times you take about 2oz., but sometimes you manage to take in 3oz.
  • You wear size Newborn diapers.
  • You also still wear size Newborn clothes. We had to buy a few new outfits since we didn't have much in the way of smaller clothing. Cute onesies are your favorite!
  • You still love to sleep during the day, but the nights are getting better, with you waking up only when you are hungry.
  • You just started to enjoy time in your swing in the last week or so, though you are still not quite sure about it.
  • You were born with a head of hair and I swear it is growing as fast as you! No matter how many times we brush it flat, it spikes up on its own--people love it and always comment on it.
  • In the last week, you have started cooing and responding more to our voices. I think you are even smiling real smiles now, not just the gassy ones!
  • You could care less about a pacifier, but we have offered you one, since you have a tendency to try to suck your thumb instead.
  • You are so gassy (that will embarrass you some day)! Your Daddy is a pro at leg exercises that make your belly feel better.
  • We love giving you kisses and cannot stop, but your Daddy's goatee tickles you! We still cannot believe that you are ours.
We love you so much and feel so blessed to have been trusted with you. We cannot wait to see how you grow!

Mommy (and Daddy!)


retdairyqueen said...

Oh Stacie She is beautiful
Look forward to seeing her pop up from time to time

KatiePerk said...

Hooray! Glad you got the feedings worked out! It is such a guessing game. We had the same weight loss which freaked me out. Elise is just beautiful!! Hope you are getting some rest.

Janette Johanson said...

I love these kinds of updates! She is so cute I just want to kiss her myself! Erik's goatee tickles my kids too-- very cute!
She's beautiful!

Jill said...

She is SO sweet! I love her hair. My niece has lots of hair too, and she's almost five months old now and still hanging on to it :) Elise is beautiful!!

becca said...

she is so beautiful

Marian Hertzog said...

Oh so sweet! So happy for all of you! Thanks for the pics and the update.

LeeLu Creations said...

What a sweet post. :) Love the pic of her smiling for the camera.

Jinnifer richard said...

she is so cute and i love her because her hair is so pretty.