Nursery DIY: Ribbons in the Sky

Another nursery DIY...are you sick of them yet?

Making my own bedding did limit my mobile choices, since those usually come in a coordinating set. I decided to go with something colorful and breezy--no real theme, just something that would be bright and move enough to catch her attention. It's just an old stripped down lamp shade, wrapped with fabric scraps, and strung with some fun felt balls, and lots and lots of ribbon (is it cheap that I bought the ribbon at full price because I was in the city and had access to Hobby Lobby and then had my Mom return it and get it for half off the next week when it was on sale?). I love how light and flowy (is that a word?) it is...hopefully she will love it, too.


becca said...

omg how cute love

KatiePerk said...

It is so cute!! I love the addition of the felt balls!

LeeLu Creations said...

Oh, I love it so I know that Baby Herface will love!!

P.S. I have also done the same thing at Hob Lob! :) Luckily I have all three major craft stores (Hob Lob, Michaels, and AC Moore) each within five minutes of my casa. Oh how I am a lucky girl, lol.