DIY Nursery Closet Organization

Life right now is crazy...new school year that has not started smoothly, ton of projects in progress, and a bajillion baby things to accomplish in the next 8 or so weeks...organizing things always seems to make me feel better and provides a little order amongst the chaos.

I found the free printables for these closet dividers here. Just print (I used cardstock), cut, and hang. Now the little one has a closet with her clean, cute clothes, all sorted out by size. Even her Daddy will be able to get her dressed using this system. A little order goes a long way!


KatiePerk said...

So going to do this!!Thanks for sharing.

Jill said...

Such a neat idea... Dad will definitely be grateful for this when it comes time for him to dress Baby Girl! ;)

Rebecca said...

how cute and a great idea