A Friday Sweet Treat

Have you seen these? A line of Girl Scout inspired Crunch bars! They are available in Thin Mint, Peanut Butter Creme (Tagalong), and Caramel & Coconut (Samoa). The Thin Mint version is so yummy. You should try it...but hurry they are only available through the September!

Happy Friday! Hope your day is sweet!


Jill said...

Yummmm...chances are, not in Canada though! Bummer!! ;) Now craving a Crunch bar...mmm! Happy Friday!

becca said...

YUM running to store to get one

Anonymous said...

I've seen these, but haven't tried them yet. Lex and I love the commercial for them! Cute!

Very smart of them to offer these for a limited time, just like regular GS cookies. It makes everyone want them even more!