Red Hot Pokers

We noticed these flowers, the locals call them Red Hot Pokers, in our area the first summer we lived here. They are a type of lily and I've never seen them anywhere else. I love how bright orange they are when they first bloom. They let me know that summer is here...but I could do without the red hot expected temperature of 103 today!

P.S. Today is my last day of work before my 3 week summer vacation! And only 15 days until we leave for the beach! What are you excited about this Friday?


Jill said...

I have never seen a flower like that - beautiful!!
Enjoy your summer vacation! I'm excited for our Canada Day party this weekend, and going to see Magic Mike on Monday - woo hoo! :)

Sarah Kate said...

What a cool lily...and a cool name! I've never seen these before either, but they're beautiful!

Connie Weiss said...

I first saw these in Utah and I love them!! They don't have them in Colorado so they must be a desert flower.

becca said...