Tipsy Tuesday (#165)

I do this all the time!

Tip #165

Recycle that junk mail envelope and maintain your sanity while grocery shopping!

Write your grocery list on the back of an envelope from a bill or piece of junk mail; then store the coupons you'll need for that trip in the envelope. This saves you from fumbling with your coupons and your list while shopping!

**Alright now, I'm talking tips, head over to see what Impulsive and Shawn are talking about on Talk to us Tuesday!**


Stacy Uncorked said...

I love it - I'll write a list on the back of an envelope, but didn't think to put coupons in there... D'Oh! Good thing I have you for inspiration! ;)

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VandyJ said...

I can never find an empty envelope--we recycle those things. What I need are paperclips to attach the coupons to my list-that way I just might remember to use the stupid things.

Sarah Kate said...

Okay, that's pretty genius. You really do think of the best tips! I'll have to remember this one!

Johanson Family said...

great idea! I always forget about my coupons stuffed in my purse and smack myself later for not pulling them out-- diapers and formula are the biggest ticket items and I always forget my coupons!!

becca said...

great tip i can't shop with a list so this is perfect

Impulsive Addict said...

Ok, now to just get me to use coupons. I don't have the patience for clipping them. And I don't get the paper.

Are you a coupon queen?

Emily said...

Good one!