Musings on Monday

  • It is "pouring the rain," as they say around here. The good news: I have an umbrella. The bad news: It is in the car and I am inside.
  • I was all out of MeeMaw's strawberry jam this AM, so I had to use her grape jelly on my PB&J instead. It's good, but the strawberry is my fave. (I'm trying to sound really pitiful here, so that I can raid her pantry when I visit on Saturday for some strawberry jam...)
  • I was halfway to work when I realized that I forgot to put deodorant on....please don't let this be a sweaty day...
  • I packed yogurt in my lunch today. It will be my first attempt at yogurt since the baby violently rejected yogurt a few weeks back. Wish me luck.
  • I like round numbers, I always round off in my head, you know like if I have $8, I say I have $10 because it makes me feel better. Sadly, today my rounded age is 40, while yesterday it was only 35, this is a bummer.
  • That pic is the birthday cupcakes that the Rev made me. That container I am pretty sure was full of the frosting that will go on them. I would like to point out that birthday girl did NOT swipe a spoonful. I have a feeling the Rev will blame the dog...
  • I just realized that half of this post is about food. It's official... this baby has taken over my brain!
Have a great Monday!


Connie Weiss said...

This post is reminding me of a song....something about rainy days and Mondays.

Babies will do that to ya! I had to have French dip all the time!

Have a non-sweaty day!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, friend!!!! :o) I think in the case of getting older, ages should always be rounded down. I'd stick with 35 if I were you. ;o)

becca said...

best part of being pregnant is eating for two