End of School Year Gifts

These little cuties went to my helpers at both schools to say "Thanks" for all of their help this year and to send them off to middle school. (Original idea (plus a ton of other great end of year ideas!) here.)

And these are going to church tonight for all of the kids in my Bible Study group, who just finished school this week, too! (Original idea plus printable tags here.)

What great idea have you stumbled upon recently? Janette really wants to know, so don't leave her hanging! Head on over (just click that pretty little button below) and see what is inspiring her and others! And don't forget to link up your own great find--the more people at the party, the more fun!


becca said...

how cute

Janette Johanson said...

always love your ideas and it should come as no surprise that you are #1 for the week!! You go girl! You're gonna be such a great momma!