Show Us Your Plum Challenge

A few weeks ago, Janette surprised me with a beautiful scarf in the mail! We had been going back and forth about scarves and I am afraid that I might have sparked an obsession with her...apparently, she saw the scarf on Pick Your Plum and thought of me!

If you have been hanging around here for even half of a hot second, you know that I love accessories and scarves are a favorite all year round. I was even more excited to realize that the scarf would go perfectly with some jewelry pieces (my other favorite accessory!) that I had purchased after Christmas. You know how you buy something because you like it, then get home and realize that you don't have anything that "goes" with it? Janette, the scarf, and my impulse jewelry buys came together and helped me jazz up my basic black and khaki.

This month, Janette, and Ashley are hosting a Show Us Your Plum Party. Don't know what Pick Your Plum is? It is a deal a day site offering swanky, sassy and cute products at low, affordable prices! The only thing is you have to act fast or else it will disappear before your eyes!! Each day they feature something new, like the scarf that Janette sent me, in a limited quantity, and at a great price. You can snatch up the deal and create something great with it or add some fun to your wardrobe. I'm kicking myself for passing up some great wooden earrings that came around shortly after I signed up for their email and Facebook updates--hopefully they'll come around again.

Sign up for Pick Your Plum deals by email or like them on Facebook. Then you can join in the fun at the next Show Us Your Plum party and be entered for a chance to win a mystery box full of plummy goodness!


Liberty said...

Super cute!! I love scarves as well... They are such a necessity in my life. :))

Johanson Family said...

I knew you would find a way to rock the scarf!! I am a tad obsessed... I made a huge mistake on one I bought from Ann Taylor that was cinched in the center to give it a bouncing look and washed it b/c my lil' people got cheetos all over it-- lost my cinch bounce.. but it hasn't stopped me! I owe my scarf love to you. Thank you so much for being apart of this!! Glad the jewelry came together too!!xoxo

jennykate77 said...

Ok, so you and IA have blogged about Pick Your Plum AND Janette...apparently, she's a super nice person who loves to send happy mail! I need to be her friend. ;)

I'll have to check out PYP.

LOVE the scarf!! I'm kinda hooked on scarves...they just add so much and they're a great way to add color or whimsy.

Anonymous said...

I have scarf envy!!! Super cute and what a great color! It can go with anything!

Thanks for sharing.

becca said...


Dollie @ Dollie Creates said...

I love your scarf! I can hardly ever figure out a good way to wear scarves when it's Spring or Fall, but they're so cute!

Hope you're having a great day!
Stopping by from the PYP link up.

Impulsive Addict said...

LOOK! It's STACIE! She is peeking at us in the mirror! It's always nice to see your face which doesn't happen very often.

You are workin' that scarf! Excellent!