DIY Love Scratch-Offs

So, by now, it is no secret that I enjoy making gifts. I love the personal touch that you can add when you create something to give.

I had first seen this idea for DIY Love Scratch-Off Cards in the most recent edition of Better Homes and Gardens and then saw an even cuter and easier version (pictured) here. I decided to whip up a batch for the Rev (yes, he is probably reading, so they won't be a surprise, but he'll still get the fun of scratching off the cards to see what he has "won").

They were super easy and even you self-proclaimed non-crafters could manage, I promise! You only need cardstock, clear packing tape, metallic acrylic paint, dishwashing liquid and scissors. I love that you can write in your own prize choices, so you can pick the things that you know your sweetie will like the most!

So, now scoot on over here, print out the free pattern, and follow the easy instructions to make scratch-offs of your own for your Valentine!


LeeLu Creations said...

I love making gifts too! Even if I buy a gift at the store I have to put my handmade signature on it somehow-even it it's just a gift tag that I made. :)

These are cool!

Impulsive Addict said...

Well, its no secret that I suck at crafts so I'm gonna hop on over there and see if it is truly something I could make.

So, what kinds of things does the Rev get to "win"? Nosey people want to know.

becca said...

i'm with IA i suck at crafts but this cute maybe little man would like to give it a try