TAG! Sort Of.....

So, my favorite Canadian, Jill over at Jill's World tagged me in a game of tag. I'm feeling lazy, so I'm not following all of the rules, but I am at least answering the set of questions that Jill came up with.

1. What is your one promise to yourself, or resolution for 2012?

I'm promising not to make any resolutions. I have succeeded already, it was good for my self-esteem....

If you could be anybody in the world – celebrity, rock star, author, ANYONE – who would you be?

Bill Gates or Donald Trump, for obvious reasons...

What is your favourite recipe to make? (Please share how to make it, or link it up if it’s somewhere on the Internet!)

This Mongolian Beef is AMAZING! Many steps, but it is sooooooo good!

Do you have a sport that you love to watch? If so, what is it and what’s your favourite team?

College football for sure. The Rev converted me into a South Carolina Gamecocks fan about 10 years ago, and I have been in love ever since...with the sport and the Rev...

If you could have the ability to expertly play any instrument in the world, what would you choose to play?

Piano, for sure. I am going to learn before I am 40, that's just over 2 years away. Think I can do it?

Why did you start blogging?

To chronicle our life away from the city and our friends and family when we moved. And to make new friends.

If you knew you could only have one last meal, what would you choose to eat? Your last supper, so to speak?

P.F. Chang's, I love it and since we don't live near one, I don't get to eat there often.

Who is your hero, and why?

I don't know if I really have one, outside of God. As much as I love my family and friends, He is really the only one who loves me just because and in spite of myself.

If you could bring back any old TV show that no longer airs, which one would you bring back?

This is hard, there are so many to choose from--Facts of Life, Silver Spoons, Saved by the Bell, the original 90210 and Melrose Place...

You’re a superhero. What’s your power?

Invisibility...so you better watch what you say, I might be around and you won't even know it....

Team Edward, Team Jacob, or screw that silly vampire crap?

Duh, Edward.....wait, are there really people besides The Rev on Team Jacob ???

If you have a minute, pick one or more of these questions and answer in the comments section! Happy Monday!


Jill said...

Thanks for playing, Stacie! Loved reading your answers. You can definitely get that piano-playing goal underway in the next 2 years! Awesome! :)

Johanson Family said...

I love this tag thing!! Too fun!!
I used to LOVE PF changs... and it was because it wasn't near by and they threw them up everywhere after a while.. there is a Japanese place here in Dallas that is my all time favorite called Kobe Steaks@! AH MAZZZZZZZZZZZZZING!! oh and I love Jill