Dear Maurice Jones-Drew,

This season, I've only lost 2 Fantasy Football games....both to my husband. I am sure that you can imagine just how unbearable this can make living in the same household.

This week we played each other for a 3rd time. Right now, I'm up by 14, but I have no players left to play this week and he has you in the lineup for tonight. So, do you think maybe just this once, you could slack off a little for me and just let me get the "W?" I mean, you play for Jacksonville and you guys are like not even in contention for the playoffs, so maybe just this once, you could help a sister out? Pretty please??????

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DawgDaze said...

Dear Stacie,
While conducting a Google search trying to figure out why Maurice Jones-Drew is listed as "probable" for tonight's game, I ran across your blog.
The situation: My daughter and son-in-law convinced me to join their fantasy league this year, and they both started out dominating the league. I have been scratching and clawing my way to respectability after starting with four losses. Maurice Jones-Drew's performances have helped pulled me out of the cellar and into a tie for first place. I am 3 fantasy points (Yahoo league) ahead of this week's opponent going into the Monday night game and we each have a player in the lineup...mine being MJD. Here's the problem: if MJD complies with your request and has a low scoring night, my family bragging rights will be in the toilet. However, now that I know that you will avoid an unbearable domestic situation if MJD falls on his face, should it happen I will take solace in knowing that my loss was another's gain. Good luck, Fred Ziffel