Manic Monday

Am I the only one whose Monday back at work completely negated the whole Thanksgiving break? Is it a full moon or something? It has been a crazy, rainy Monday. Tuesday has got to be better...

On a late side note, I'm so thankful for all of you guys. Your comments and commiseration make my day! I can always count on you for a pick me up. So, quick anybody got any jokes or great weekend stories to make me smile? Did you score any great Black Friday deals? Try a great new recipe? Anything???


Karrie said...

Owen made me laugh today with this.....Why did the pumpkin sit in the road????.....cause he wanted to be a squash :) Hope your Tuesday rocks!

Impulsive Addict said...

I have ZERO jokes today, and I didn't go do Black Friday but I did Cyber Monday and I tried a couple new recipes over the holidays!

Comments make the world go 'round.