Making a List...with T-Pain


Alright,Mamarazzi, you asked for them...

  • I confess...that today begins a 3 day weekend...I love Fall break.

  • I confess...that the Rev has begun begging for a Christmas list...he's been making his for weeks now.

  • I confess...that if it weren't for the ridiculous $40 price tag, I'd totally put this T-Pain microphone on my list. Oh, the fun I could have answering the phones and hollering out chores for the Rev with this...

  • I confess...that its much more likely that I'll put new Rubbermaid containers on the list...I'm tired of trying to scrub out the stains.

  • I confess...that I am cooking a pot roast tomorrow just so that I can peel some potatoes with the nifty little palm held peeler that the bestie got me after she heard me talking about one...does this make me a dork?

  • I confess...that we have a whistler in the office and it has made me realize just how annoying whistling is...if you aren't trying to hail a cab, don't whistle...

  • I confess...that the besties are torturing the B-Man with a trip to Chapel Hill to see the Tarholes Tar Heels...I feel sorry for him...but not for us because that means that Uncle Rev and Aunt Stacie get to have Mater spend the night!


    Jill said...

    I've started my Christmas List! And I don't have the T-Pain mic on it, but I may just have to add it!

    We have TWO whistlers in our office. And they whistle the same tune, over and over. They are very good at it, but yes, quite annoying 98% of the time!!!

    Connie said...

    We're also enjoying a 3 day weekend! We really needed it!

    I ordered 5 Christmas presents this week and they all just arrived. I love getting mail!

    Sarita said...

    we so want a T-Pain mic for our house! I can totally rock it out!
    Watch it TarHeel hater! ;)

    Impulsive Addict said...

    WHAT? T-pain has a microphone? OMG. It's going on my list. You know towards Christmas they'll totally knock it down to $20.

    You've got a very nice bestie.

    I need to do a lot of Christmas shopping. I'm so overwhelmed. =/

    Happy Saturday! (Well, Sunday to you)

    becca said...

    christmas list are a must around here

    Amber said...

    You know what else is annoying? SNAPPERS!! My office has both, it's torture.