Just Drive Right On By...


  • I confess...that I am not sure that Sonic is REALLY America's favorite drive-in.

  • I confess...that I don't care if the register computer says 5:01, if it is really 4:45, I want my Sonic Happy Hour drink for 1/2 price.

  • I confess...that its not an acceptable solution for a 2nd employee to look at me and say, well, its the computer, we don't have anything to do with it.

  • I confess...that lucky for them it got fixed. $2 is $2, people!

  • I confess...that it bugs me that their mozzarella sticks come in an order of 5. I don't like uneven numbers.

  • I confess...that the mozzarella sticks were so good and the Diet Coke add cherry flavor was so good that I almost forgave them...until I realized there was no maraschino cherry in the bottom of the cup. Don't they know that is the best part? Next time, I'll just drive right on by.

    The opinions in this post are a result of a raging case of PMS...please send chocolate...NOW!!

    What do you want to confess to Mamarazzi?


    Anonymous said...

    I admit I have gone to Sonic for - and only for - the cherry limeade. OMG I want one RIGHT NOW. :)

    Stephy said...

    I LOVE that your whole post is about Sonic! Sorry they were idiots.

    Impulsive Addict said...

    A fellow blogger and Tulsan, Yogi, said he ate at my sonic in HELL (which is what I refer to my town because part of the name kinda sounds like HELL). Anyway, he got horrible service by a guy he nicknamed Bubba. I pretty much steer clear of Sonic but they do make a pretty good cheeseburger and cherry vanilla dr. pepper. I'll give you my cherry. <--so sounds dirty

    I hope for the pastors sake that the PMS goes by quickly.

    Amber said...

    I hate Sonic, they infiltrate our television with their ridiculous commercials and the closest one is a state away.

    Screw you Sonic.

    Screw you and your dumb commercials, AND robbing my friend Stacie of her cherry.



    Wendy said...

    I really enjoy reading your "I Confess" statements, but this time they seriously cracked me up, especially the ending. Everyone should bow down to a woman when it is PMS time...we should be allowed to wear badges proclaiming we are queen for a day/week/month, whatever!

    I also enjoy the previous comments. Cracked me up!

    Mrs. S said...

    I love happy hour at Sonic -- but sorry they were buttheads about it!!

    Just stopping by from the Confessional hop! Love your blog!

    becca said...

    sending chocolate ASAP

    Everyday Life

    Marian Hertzog said...

    If I lived closer I would send chocolate... it would be a mess by the time it got there... we just got a Sonic here and it is not very good... the worst should be over by now for you! God Bless the Rev for sure!

    Laura Carson said...

    I'm pretty sure it's a conspiracy. Sonic, I mean, and depriving one of the cherry at the bottom and the half price thing. I've had a raging case of PMS myself, and was pretty much on a rampage until today. But that's not to excuse them for being stoopid. Bah.