Friday Confessional


  • I confess...that I finished work up on Tuesday and am on summer break for the rest of this month. It has been heaven...staying up late, sleeping in, not putting on work clothes, a girl could get used to this.

  • I confess...that I was really sad, though not surprised, to hear that Bachelor Brad and Emily have called it quits. I REALLY wanted them to work out. Why do I keep watching this show when no one on it ever lasts?

  • I confess...that last night The Rev asked me if I would DVR "The Proposal" because he keeps missing the first 10 minutes of the movie...say it with me, ladies...awwwwwwwwww.......

  • I confess...that right now he is in deep concentration in the kitchen trying to scrub the caulk out of my bathing suit so I don't have to keep searching for a new one.

  • I confess...that I will tell myself that he is doing this because he cares, but I suspect the fact that we went shopping earlier this week and he saw bathing suit price tags might have something to do with it. (Have I ever told you he is cheap, I mean like CHEAP, girls?)

  • I confess...that I'm having a giveaway tomorrow, so you better come back and see me!

  • Now, go tell Mamarazzi all about your week, you'll feel better.


    Jill said...

    Ahh...summer vacation...why didn't I become a teacher???

    Oh my favourite season was Trista's bachelorette season, and her and Ryan lasted! (I think...?)

    Laura Carson said...

    Caulk in the bathing suit??

    I bought a new swimsuit last season and was going to give it away unworn until I revisited the price tag.

    Enjoy your summer break - sounds lovely!

    The Rev. said...

    Now that your home I actually have to "work" from home.

    Emily is a needy control freak who was in it for the spot light. Seriously how dumb are these people that they get on a show with one guy who is trying to decide between 30 desperate, needy, and psychotic women who want to be on TV and are "looking" for love? And to their surprise.....he tell them all the samething. Idiots.

    Ok...so I missed the 1st ten mins and a Sandra Bullock movie and I want to se the beginning....It doesn't mean I have lace on my drawers.

    Can't guy do something sweet without being accused of being cheap? It is a good suit for her.

    I don't deserve the name Thrifty Nickel either.

    Brenna said...

    Did I miss something friend? How in the heck did caulk get on your bathing suit?? lol

    kel said...

    Caulk in the bathing suit needs it's own blog post....

    Date Girl said...

    I agree with Kel-how did the caulk get on the bathing suit? There's gotta be a story!

    I love that you husband wanted to see The Proposal. I really like that movie.

    Marian Hertzog said...

    Really... how did you get caulk on your bathing suit!?

    Ritah Kyomugisha said...

    I love confessions!! I will be write up mine soon!! :)

    I love your blog. Simply Beautiful :)