Sharing is Overrated...


  • I confess...that if I had to go back to kindergarten, I might fail.

  • I confess...that they would hold me back for my inability to share and play nice with others.

  • I confess...that the Rev has been the one I don't want to share with this week. His truck has been in the shop for repairs, so we have had to share mine. He puts the windows all of the way down and messes up my hair and he moves the mirrors, seat, and changes the radio station. I mean seriously, I got into the car to an AM radio station twice--who in the heck listens to AM radio?

  • I confess...the whole one car thing means he had to drive me to work a few days so that he could keep the car. That means that he gets up all early and wants to converse right away. Doesn't he know that is my quiet, alone time? And that the evil comes out if I have to deviate from my AM routine?

  • I confess...that apparently he does not since it was on one of these little early morning together car trips that he dubbed himself "The Entertainer" and proceeded to "entertain."

  • I confess...that I was overjoyed when we got his truck back last night...sharing and playing nice is for crap.

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    Jill said...

    Seriously...how do we ever make it through Kindergarten? Sharing and playing nice is for the birds. I'm not good at it. At.all.

    LeeLu Creations said...

    Lol. This is hilarious because it's so true. :)

    Impulsive Addict said...

    YIKES! One car would suck. And I'm not a morning person either. I've snapped a few times at people that call me before 9:00am.

    Um, AM radio listeners are WEIRD. Maybe you should RUN! But wait...he entertains so maybe keep him around for a while. Just until his act gets old.

    VandyJ said...

    Sharing a car is never fun.
    Sharing is easier when it's not something that is necessary to get through the day.
    I know about quiet time in the morning, I'm not truly awake until about 9:30. I run on autopilot before then.

    Laura Carson said...

    I have this rule about not being spoken to prior to 10am every day. The receptionist at my office breaks this rule every work day by chirping at me. She takes her life into her own hands every time she does this. I feel your pain, and am glad to hear that you're back to two cars again!

    I agree - sharing and playing nice? Overrated.

    Date Girl said...

    lol, oh man. I'm totally the morning person in this scenario, but I do understand. I would hate having just one car! Glad you are back to two again.

    Alexis AKA MOM said...

    You made me laugh out loud!!! My husb hates when I borrow his car I move mirrors and seats :).

    BUT he listens to AM also and I don't get it either :)

    becca said...

    i'm pretty sure i have failed pre-school to is i had to go back

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