Tipsy Tuesday (#120)

Spice it up!

Tip # 120

Use that spare spice rack that you have (or can get for next to nothing at a yard sale) to:

  • corral office supplies like rubberbands, thumbtacks, labels, paperclips, etc.

  • separate nuts, bolts, screws and any other small parts and pieces that you need to keep handy for future projects.

  • organize all of those itty bitty craft supplies, like pompoms, beads, sequins, brads, buttons, etc.

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    Impulsive Addict said...

    OMG. Shut up! Why didn't I think of this when I was teaching? What a great idea!

    I've missed a few Tipsy Tuesdays. Did you quit doing them or am I a loser follower who didn't comment? Maybe Tuesday's are my days off now.

    I suck. I'm trying to be better.