Friday Confessional


Mamarazzi and Glamazon want to know what we have to confess this week.

  • I confess...that staying up late all week and sleeping in is really going to make getting up for sunrise service on Sunday and heading back to work on Monday difficult. It was nice while it lasted...

  • I confess...that my stomach really needs this 2 week long Tour de Parties & Potlucks to come to an end. It seems like we have been invited to a ton of parties, potlucks, church functions in the past 2 weeks. Add a ton a few pieces of Easter candy into the mix, and my um, how shall I say it, system is a little off. It might be time for some Activia...

  • I confess...that I found not 1, but 2 new dresses on my shopping hunt. Can't wait to decide which one to wear to celebrate Lil' Miss Wilkes becoming Lil' Mrs. Wilkes. Congrats to her and her Bee!

  • I confess...that I bought some shoe racks in an effort to organize the closet and make getting dressed in the dark at 6am everyday, all while trying not to wake up the Rev, a little easier. I bought a rack that would hold 18 pairs of shoes. I underestimated, I just cleaned out 48 pairs. Is this excessive? I'm getting rid of about half, but still. How many pairs of shoes do you have? Any favorites? (Side note; I also found $1.03 in change in the bottom of the closet while cleaning. My first thought? This could go towards a new pair of shoes....I saw some cute ones at Target yesterday. What???)

  • I confess...that my laundry technique is leaving the Rev with a bit of a problem. He likes his shirts air dried, so they don't shrink, so I wash, fluff in the dryer for a minute and then hang up to dry. Apparently my choice in hangers is leaving him with..."shoulder nipples" (obviously that descriptive phrase is 100% his). I'm gonna have to work on this.

  • I confess...that I am getting a laugh at all of the losers who will land here when they do a Google search for the word "nipples"....only to find me blogging about tips, recipes, crafts, and other nonsense. Ha ha, you suckers!


    Impulsive Addict said...

    You seriously make me laugh! You just keep getting funnier!

    Guess what? I haven't been invited to ANYTHING except a movie. So I should totally be down about 5 pounds since I'm not overeating but I'm not.

    You have a shoe problem. So do I. Let's get help together, shall we? Wait. I don't want help. I love all of my shoes. All 58 pairs.

    You said shoulder nipples. That is greatness!!!


    ducknme said...

    "Shoulder Nipples!" I love it! I confess that my husband has come to the conclusion that if I am doing the laundry he takes'em how he gets 'em, PLUS do his own ironing. I don't iron.

    I always said I wasn't a shoe person. I pretty much wear the same ones all the time. But when I cleaned out my closet I had... well, more than 18 pairs thats for sure. (But I NEED them!)

    Mamarazzi said...

    i may have a shoe problem too.

    there are zero parties or potlucks on the horizon and i am thankful. i need to get with the program...STAT!

    Marian Hertzog said...

    Thanks for making me laugh! Love the shoulder nipples! ... and I can't count the number of pairs of shoes in my closet because I don't want to know... :)! Happy Easter!

    Amber said...

    I've been thinking of getting a shoe rack for my closet myself...I haven't gotten very far. Thing is, I don't really have a lot of shoes, but I have a lot of the same kinds of shoes.

    There's actually a pair that I've been dreaming about at Target since last week, I'm going there today so maybe I'll buy them this time.

    Shoulder nipples are rough, maybe you can find a plastic rack to lay the shirts on instead of hanging them? Just don't get a wooden one, I find they always leave marks.