Tipsy Tuesday (#103)

Many of us make resolutions to get organized each new year, so for the month of February, we’ll focus on tips that can help with that goal.

Drive in it, don’t live in it!

Tip #103

Make this system a habit and the inside of your car will always be clean!

Every time you arrive home, remove anything from the car that doesn’t permanently belong in it. Keep a small basket or tote in the car for this purpose and ask all passengers to help fill it up. Over time, it will become second nature!

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jennykate77 said...

I SO need to do this! Not that my car looks like that pic, but it does get bad. I commute to work and I'm in my car a lot...and a lot of times I end up just leaving stuff in my car. PLUS, we're building on to our house and we're in the phase where NOTHING seems to have a place. UGH. Hopefully, I'll be back to being organized again REAL soon!