Simple Scarf Storage

I'm a bit of a Smurfette--remember how her whole closet was full of the same dress? I have a pretty basic wardrobe --khaki, black, and I are BFF's. While somewhat practical, it is not necessarily the most exciting choice for attire. Somewhere right now, Lil' Miss Wilkes is reading this and remembering shopping trips in which she would force me to try on color...

But when you go basic, you can jazz it up with accessories, which I love to do! Outside of a great piece of jewelry, my other favorite accessory is a scarf. Chunky winter ones, sheer spring ones, silky ones, fringed ones...you get my drift. This has led to a need for some scarf storage, since the current stuff-them-in-a-basket-in-top-of-the-closet method isn't quite cutting it. I looked online and just couldn't find what I wanted--I didn't want over the door storage or the little hanger thingy with the tee-tiny plastic holes in it either. So, of course, I just made my own...and for next to nothing!

Here's how:

1. Buy a clothes hanger.

2. Add shower curtain rings (Dollar Tree has these, for obviously $1)--make sure you get the kind that you can open and close--to the base of the hanger.

3. Slip scarves through shower curtain rings.

4. Hang in closet.

5. Admire!

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jennykate77 said...

Such a great idea!! Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

I am so making 2 of these...one for my scarves and one for Jason's growing collection of ties! :)


CheriJ said...

How do you keep the shower curtain rings in place???

CheriJ said...

How do you keep the shower curtain rings from moving on the hanger?