Not a Morning Person

1. Where did you meet your spouse and did you instantly know it was love?

We met at church--he was the new youth pastor and I was a church member (no scandal though, we didn't date until he moved to another church). And yes, I knew right away, I told our pastor's wife who was standing next to me that he was the man I was going to marry. He only took 3 years to convince....

2. What is your favorite room in your house?

The bathroom. I love taking hot baths. And the biggest bonus, is that it was a remodeled, finished space when we bought the house, no big projects to do. And I don't know how we ever made it without double sinks!

3. Can you wiggle your ears?

Nope and I can't roll my tongue or do any crazy double jointed stuff either.

4. What is your evening ritual?

Come home from work, straighten up the house (usually just dust, vacuum, and then unload dishes or start a load of laundry), fix dinner, and clean up from that. Then it varies, maybe take a bath and read a magazine or work on a little project, or surf and watch TV. Then I usually pack my lunch, lay out clothes for the next day, and go to bed. I know, boring, right? I am truly a creature of habit.

5. How many hours of sleep do you need to function?

This is a deceptive question--I can function on as little as 4 hours, but it won't be pleasant for those around me. On average, I get about 6 1/2 - 7 hours. I do get up as soon as the alarm goes off for the most part, but the Rev's bad habit of hitting the snooze button occasionally rubs off on me.
I am more of a night owl than a morning person.


Impulsive Addict said...

I am a bath-taking FOOL! What's better than a hot bath? There are a few things but not much. It's HEAVEN!

jennykate77 said...

These are always so much fun to read. It's great learning new things about bloggy friends. I think my favorite room of the house is the kitchen.

Tribute Books Mama said...

here's mine http://tributebooksmama.blogspot.com/2011/01/five-question-friday_21.html

Kath' said...

I am trying to make it to a few of the Fridays questions. I haven't done it for awhile so happy to be back. Loved reading about your life and that you loved the bathroom was your favorite spot. I don't blame you at all.A remolded one too.. It seems like each woman so far loves their bedroom. LOL
Are we all trying to say something ? That's where we get to rest.. Kath' from www.lilbitoldlilbitnew.blogspot.com

Danna and Kirk said...

What a neat story of how you and your hubby met! Ahhh, sounds wonderful to have a remodeled bathroom, I think I would take as many baths as possible! I am enjoying checking out your cute blog. Thanks for checking out mine :)

Anonymous said...

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Sandra said...

Love the answer to your last question. I'm like that too: I can get up running, but I won't be happy.
Love these question/answer posts. Such a good way to get to know a fellow/blogger.