Culture at Christmas

For many years, my Mom has performed Handel's Messiah with the Charlotte Music Club each Christmas. They perform in a beautiful old church with great acoustics and pews so hard your butt falls asleep almost instantly. We gripe about sitting through it and make a game out of trying to guess what color of obnoxious, sequined dress the soprano soloist is going to wear, but it is a nice dose of culture for us current country-dwellers. We had other plans this year, so we didn't get to go, but Mom managed to get us a little Hallelujah Chorus anyway.

She came to see our Christmas play on Sunday night and she was super excited about being a part of a flash mob (a group of people coordinated by email to meet to perform some predetermined action at a particular place and time and then disperse quickly), the next night at Nordstrom's. I read online that word leaked and over 1000 people showed up, so not exactly a surprise, but a great way to celebrate the season and the reason for it anyway.

You can see (bottom right) and hear my Mom at about the 3 minute mark.

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Diane B said...

Thanks for your comments. And thank you for posting this on your blog. It was an experience that I shall remember for the rest of my life. Mom