Mater is 1!

Around here, you usually have to be family to get your own birthday post, but Mater is about as close to family as you can get, and this is my blog and I make the rules so we are celebrating him today! I cannot believe that he is 1 already. Here are some of my favorite caught-on-film moments from the first year!

(L to R: Ready for my close-up; he really fell asleep just like this!)

(L to R: Drool rules!; I want food and I want it now!; I'm hiding. Can you see me?)

(L to R: Look out below!; I'm using my grin and my wand to cast a spell on you!)

(L to R: This cake is good!; Yeah, I'm 1!; Is this cake really all for me?)

Happy Birthday, Mater. We hope you enjoyed your day. We can't wait to see you grow up. We love you!

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