Friend Makin' Monday is Back!

Amber took a little hiatus from hosting Friend Makin' Monday, but she's back! Our task today is to share what we are doing/plan on doing today, so here goes:

Today I...will make my Weekly Meal Plan and To Do list.

Today I...will take Team Jacie's boys to the water park at the Y.

Today I...am crossing my fingers that the sun holds out and I can finally finish a spray painting project that I started 2 weeks ago.

Today I...am going to use my new Pampered Chef Deep Covered Baker to make BBQ chicken in the microwave.

Today I...need to gather stuff for our church Yard Sale this weekend.

Today I...need to order some craft supplies to complete my football wreath--only 2 weeks until the Gamecocks season starts!

Today I...have to turn in my list of keepers for one of my Fantasy Footbal leagues.

Today I...am not going to be able to slack on any of this stuff because I just told you all that I am going to do it....


Connie W said...

Great list! I'm going to have to follow you so I can find out about this football wreath!

Mom. Nonstop. said...

way to hold yourself accountable! I'm hoping mine does the same for me!

Tecia said...

I am orginaly from Columbia S.C ! Great list!

Anna Sams said...

Hey Stacie! The Bar B Que chicken sounds really good! Glad you stopped by my blog and I am glad to make a new friend! TTYL! Ohh.. I will be posting pics from Haiti and keeping everyone posted on whats going on.... so stay tuned... I will have lots of great stuff to share!

Amanda said...

I love the last one! Hope you have a productive day!

♥Amber Filkins♥ said...

Great list! I think you should share your menu plan with us. :) I've been wanting to start doing one.

And I love that you said you have to do all of this stuff since you told us you were. :) Maybe we should do this every day!?

♥ amber
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