Isn't this the most beautiful grouping of frames that you have ever seen?
OK, not so much...I mean the purple one alone is enough to give you nightmares...and someone painted it that way...on purpose. Anyway, I have fallen in love with these walls of empty frames that are all over the internet and I became determined to create one in our master bedroom. The wall I wanted to fill is not that large, so I needed just a few large frames and mostly smaller frames. I found all of my frames over a couple of months at dollar stores and Goodwill. My total spent was only $20--not bad for a whole wall of art. I spray painted them all an ivory color that looks really nice against our walls and coordinates with the rest of the room. You have to be patient and wait for just the right frames, but it was worth it. What do you think?

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Kerr said...

that looks great! way to go.