Breakfast of Champions..

This dessert has Chips Ahoy! cookies, which have some whole grain in there and Cool Whip, which is like dairy, so really when I polished off the leftovers from this dessert for breakfast, it was like eating a bowl of cereal...just saying...

I was at my brother's wedding 2 years ago and mentioned to one of his friends that we were having a church potluck the next day and I was stressed because I knew I wouldn't have much time when I got home to make something to take. She gave me this recipe and it has become a favorite to make-and-take. Just 3 ingredients, very little fuss and it tastes like eating a bowl of creamy cookie dough!

Chips Ahoy! Dessert

1 package of regular Chips Ahoy! (not the chewy kind)
12 oz. carton of Cool Whip

Dip each cookie in milk. Begin lining an 8x8 square pan with them. When you have a complete layer of cookies, top with a layer of whipped topping.

Repeat until you use all of the cookies up, saving just a few for garnish. End with a layer of Cool Whip and sprinkle with crushed cookies.

Freeze. Move to the refrigerator or set out for about an hour before serving.

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KatiePerk said...

We used to make this when we were little!! So good!!

Kristin said...

Sounds totally easy and totally yummy!!

Shannon said...

are you kidding me? DELICIOUS!!!!! I just may make this for a bbq I'm attending today! (if I have time, of course)....

Brenda said...

OMG! I've never heard of this but does it ever sound delicious! Bookmarked!