She is Finally Here!!

Do you remember when your Mom used to tell you "in a minute?" Remember how long that minute felt? I have been saving for my new big girl camera since my birthday in May and it has been the longest "minute" EVER! But I finally got enough pennies to get her and just in time for vacation!

So many people were great to go over camera pros and cons and brand opinions with me and I went back and forth for a while, but I finally settled on the Nikon D5000. I got a great deal and a ton of bundled items from a camera shop in New York. I knew when it was shipped and had been tracking its progress like every 5 minutes! I was so excited when the UPS man showed up on Friday, that I met him on the door step before he could even knock!

I'll be figuring her out on vacation next week! YIPPEEEE!


Shannon said...

you are going to LOVE your new Nikon! :) Congratulations!

Jeanette said...

Have fun with your new camera! I look forward to all the new images!

KatiePerk said...

Can't wait to see your "new" pics!! Have a fabulous vacay!

Michel-lee said...

That's so wonderful. Have fun using it :)