Kiki is 30!

Today, Kiki is joining the club and turning 30! As her slightly older, but wiser sister-in-law, it is my responsibility to make sure she is prepared. Because we share a love of lists, of course my birthday advice comes in list form. So hurry, Kiki, you are running out of time to get this list checked off! Hope you have a great birthday!

30 Skills Every Woman Should Have Before Turning 30

1. Hard-boil an egg

2. Diplomatically tell Mom (mine or yours!) to butt out

3. Ace a job interview

4. Ask a man out

5. Send a thoughtful thank-you note

6. Listen to a friend in need

7. Ask for help

8. Effectively end an unhealthy relationship (romantic or platonic in nature)

9. Beautifully wrap a gift

10. Say “no” gracefully

11. Whip up a great dinner with the five items in her fridge

12. Fix just about any household problem armed with nothing but a roll of duct tape (you've got this one, as evidenced in the photo above!)

13. Sew a button

14. Make store bought bake sale goodies look home made

15. Take off her bra without removing her shirt

16. Apply lip gloss in the dark

17. Balance her checkbook

18. Create a budget

19. Find the best deal

20. Negotiate a salary and/or pay raise

21. Read a map

22. Hail a cab

23. Say something in French just because

24. Apologize when she’s wrong

25. Dress for her body type

26. Change a flat (or know whom to call to come change it)

27. Spot a fake (handbag, diamond, potential friend …)

28. Feign interest

29. Know what to tip on a $25 dinner bill

30. Hold a baby


Kiki said...

Thanks Stacie!! I appreciate the birthday shout out. I'm pretty confident that I have completed this list before 30 and some items were even checked off this weekend--- not saying which ones though:)

Shannon said...

Almost... #14.. I have NOT done! Darn! And I'm a bit over 30! :)