Take Two!

I recently bought a shirt that included this "free" bonus necklace:

The necklace was perfectly adequate, BUT it was silvertone metal and I am a goldtone gal and it was short and chunky, and I like a long necklace. So I got out my jewelry supplies, and 30 minutes later, TA-DA...a "new" necklace, at no cost!


KatiePerk said...

That is awesome! You did a great job!

Danielle said...

I love what you did with it! I usually just detach the necklace all together so that I can switch it up :)

Shannon said...

I've been holding onto some pink beads that were once a "belt" so that I could re-do em into a necklace, but just don't have the proper "skills"... that's great what you did! Made it "yours" - your style!~