Quick Dollar Store Birthday Project

My sister-in-law is 'bout to enter the Dirty Thirties, as my brother would say. And I mean, who didn't love turning 30, right? We won't be able to be at her birthday bash, so we visited them in their new house this weekend and did a little early celebrating. She'll get her real gift on her birthday, but I fixed her this cute little "30 Sucks" basket to enjoy until then.

Normally, I wouldn't tell you how much a gift cost, but since Kiki also loves a good deal and this is just a bonus gift, I thought I'd share that everything you need to make the basket can be purchased at the dollar store.

Here's what you'll need:

A basket or flower pot
Floral foam
Basket Filler
Suckers in whatever variety you choose (they even had cute palm trees and flip flops for summer!)

Here's what you do:

Just stuff the foam in, arrange your suckers, add filler and of course, a cute little sign with birthday wishes!

If anything can take the sting out of those big milestone birthdays, it has to be a Tootsie Pop!

This project makes a great addition to The CSI Project's $5 Challenge ! Check them out!

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Shannon said...

okay! Now THAT is a GREAT idea! And so simple.. I could even do it! ;)

Michel-lee said...

We shop at the dollar tree a lot. I've always wanted to do something simple like a gift basket. This is great to do for a birthday.

Danielle said...

What a cute & hilarious idea! My sister is turning 21 this year...any thoughts?