The Other Side of Mother's Day

Before the birds have eaten all of the seed, before you have a chance to defrost and eat that frozen top tier of the cake (ugh!), and even before wedding etiquette demands that you mail out all of those thank you cards, the question comes, “So, when are you having children?” Its what society has taught us since we were young girls on the playground, singing silly songs about love, marriage, and the baby carriage. Women are supposed to become mothers.

I want to go on record before I go any further and say that I have a great mother, a wonderful grandmother, special aunts and girlfriends who are mothers to their own little ones. I love them all dearly and hope that they feel pampered and loved for their sacrifices as a Mom when Mother’s Day rolls around on Sunday. But, what about myself and countless other women for whom Mother’s Day is a reminder of what they don’t have?

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OvenDelights said...

I have four children and have been married for 18 years. I think I've recieved flowers once and no other gifts, except for the homeade gifts my kids bring home from school. I know my family loves me, I don't need a Commercialized day for them to tell me. Same thing goes for Valentines and Birthday's. We were really financially limited the first 6 years of our marriage and now it just seems silly to spend money on flowers and stuff I don't really need.I've never told anyone, they don't understand. My husband brought me home a big flower arrangement on my birthday once, I felt really guilty. I told him I did appreciated them but it really wasn't necessary. Same thing goes for him, he feels bad when I do get him something on his birthday or Fathers day. So if we ever really feel like celebrating we end up making dinner extra nice or make a nice dessert. Just felt like sharing.


Kristin said...

Hi, I happened across your blog through a post you left on "Silver Lining." I haven't read enough to know your whole story, but I wanted to share that I struggled with infertility, before I finally adopted. I can totally relate to what you've said in this post. Just wanted you to know you're not alone. :)

I've blogged about my adoption journey, if you're interested...

Kristin @ Betty Crocker Wanna Be