Friend Makin' Monday: 5 Things

I'm joining Amber for Friend Makin' Monday again this week and today's assignment is "List 5 things (aside from the obvious) that you love."

Ok, assuming that my obvious loves are God, family, friends, and the dog, here goes...

1. Target (even better if it is a Super Target)

2. Fresh flowers (tulips, gerber daisies, and dahlias are my absolute favorites)

3. Diet Cherry Pepsi

4. Good Goldtone Costume Jewelry (Forever 21 is a great place to find this!)

5. P.F. Changs


Danielle said...

We are peas in a pod! Aside from the gold jewelry. I honestly love it, but it doesn't work well with my pasty skin tone :)

jennykate77 said...

MMMMmmmmm, PF Changs! One of my favs!! I also ♥ Super Target BIG time!

Happy FMMs!

Christina said...

Super Target Rocks! Love the housing good they have out right now!