The Couple That Laughs Together.....

The Week of Love continues with a little humor...

Top 5 ways she wishes HE would say "I Love You":
#5 - "The laundry? Oh, its washed, folded and put away."
#4 - "Wait here...I'm just gonna run in and ask for directions."
#3 - "No, let me pick up your mother from the airport."
#2 - "Wasn't sure if you wanted milk chocolate or dark, so I got both.'
#1 - "Don't worry about dinner - I've got it covered."

Top 5 ways he wishes SHE would say "I Love You":
#5 - "Of course, I would rather watch football with you than go shopping."
#4 - "Your mother is way better than mine."
#3 - "That was a GREAT fart, do another!"
#2 - "'I've never really cared for those romance movies, I'd much rather catch an action flick."
#1 - "No, really putting the lid down before I can go is no problem for me."

Hope you laughed with someone you love today!

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