Pack Your Basket

We had our church picnic this afternoon. It was a nice ending to a busy weekend. It had all of the necessary elements that a good picnic should have...


Burnt hotdogs (the only way that I like them!)

Good food

Beautiful scenery

and of course, fun!

On a side note, we tried a new location for this year's picnic (W. Kerr Scott Dam) and because I just have that kind of sense of humor, I couldn't help saying, "and feel free to take all the dam pictures you want."

P.S. BestBuys, will you please explain to our mother that I just quoted a movie and I didn't cuss on my blog? Thanks!


retdairyqueen said...

Looks like a fun day

Mandi Shandi said...

I hope your brother was able to clear that up for your mom, because I would have had to clear it up for mine too! Nothing like a little Griswold reference to make me giggle! I love it!