Where Do The Weekends Go?

Have you ever noticed how the work week drags and the weekend just flies?
This weekend was absolutely CRAZY for us!

Yard Sale (along with the sorting and pricing that happens beforehand)? Check
Bridal Shower Decorations? Check
Bake and decorate cake for Bridal Shower (my 1st attempt at cake decorating, no less)? Check
Setup for, attend, clean up actual Bridal Shower? Check
VBS Planning Meeting? Check
4th of July Party invites? Check

The only thing missing? SLEEP!!! And its already Monday again, full of the knowledge that I am way far behind on VBS, which is in a week, and Summer Camp, which starts in 2 weeks, and the list goes on and on...

What about you? Slowing down for summer or picking up the pace?

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