Taking One For The Team

Well, we're nursing an injury around here--and for once, its not me--I know, hard to believe, right?
The Rev took a vicious line drive to the shin at a softball game last night and he is hurtin' today! We iced and heated it, but it is some kind of swollen and a pretty shade of blue.

I'd like to say that he took one for the team and won the game with his sacrifice, but it was the second of a double elimination in the tournament and we lost, thus ending the men's softball season. Oh, well, maybe the Rev's shin will be healed and good as new in time for co-ed ball in a few months.

Better luck next time, hon. And in a side note, can you believe that once he settled down after the loss, his biggest concern was whether his injury was blog-worthy or not?

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Mandi said...

Friend I totally read that wrong. I thought you said it WAS you, and I was wondering why you didn't shave your legs. HA! Hope Rev feels better soon. I've never been hit with a softball, thank goodness! But I can say first hand that a tennis ball hurts really bad!