Tipsy Tuesday (#14)

Memorial Day is just around the corner and it always feels like the unofficial start to summer for me. You know what summer means, right? GRILLING!! OK, we actually grill year round, (that's the Rev's famous BBQ chicken and grilled corn to the right) but we try to keep the grill in tip top shape come summer.

Tip #14

Use items that you already own for better grilling.

Aluminum Foil
While the grill is still hot, crumple a piece of foil and hold it between a pair of tongs. Use the foil to scrub off old bits of food.

Remove grease and dirt from the outside of a stainless steel grill by rubbing it with a vinegar-soaked soft cloth.

Cut an onion in half and use a BBQ fork to dip it in vegetable oil. Then pull it apart and rub over the grates before grilling to keep food from sticking and to add flavor.

Milk Crate
When you take your grill's propane tank for refilling, put it in a milk crate in the trunk of your car to keep it upright.

Happy grilling!

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