This just in..the Rev has been acquitted...

(Photo: L to R - where we started, where we are at, and where we hope to be!)

That's right, it was touch and go for a while, but the Rev has finally been acquitted. The charges? Crape Murder. What is "crape murder," you ask? (You were asking, right?)

Let me back up and tell you the story from the beginning.

Last fall, as I am driving home from some mindless business conference, the Rev calls me about to bust a gut to tell me that he has found a great deal on a Dynamite Crape Myrtle. Is that some sort of tree endorsed by that goofy guy on Good Times? No, it is only the reddest of all of the crape myrtles and it is at a bargain basement price. Sure, go ahead and get it, I could care less--remember that whole Rev does the outside things at the house and I do inside?

So he brings home this new bundle of joy and I have a good laugh--it is 3 scrawny twigs sticking out of a bucket! Then he proceeds to tell me all about the long conversation that he had with the gal at the nursery and how she told him exactly where and when to trim it for maximum growth. Now fast forward to early spring, when the Rev hacks trims the tree in the special trimming spot. And then, we wait, and wait, and wait, and well, you get the picture. (This is when the charges of crape murder were levied.) If we had held our breath, we would have passed out, but the ole gal has finally sprouted several leaves and stands at an impressive 3 feet!

If we live in this house for the next 10 years, we might actually get to see some blooms. Moral of the story: impatient people should always buy a house with mature foliage or spend the big bucks for the next-to-grown trees!

Stay tuned next spring for her progress!

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