An Easter Note from Scarlett

So, my parents don't have any children yet...well, except for me. And I really love how they dote on me and buy me stuff and take me places, but seriously, folks, the costumes have to STOP! Consider this a public appeal..

We've had the pink Gamecocks bandanna (a gift from my Granny), the BumbleBee costume that they forced on me at Halloween, and the camouflage hoodie (another gift from Granny) that they make me wear outside when it is cold. (Exhibit A below)

Then there is the Gamecocks t-shirt that I have to wear during all Gamecocks football games, the ruffly, pink party dress that I had to wear at my 1st Birthday party, the dress that I had to wear for last year's Valentine's Day cards, and perhaps, the most damaging to my little doggie psyche, last year's Easter Bunny bonnet. (Exhibit B below)

Now, I ask you, would you do this to a child? OF COURSE NOT! So, with Easter just a day away, I take to blogland to beg for mercy and to put my paw down--there will be ABSOLUTELY no cutesy outfits this Easter!!

Oh, who am I kidding--they are the humans and they pay the bills, so I guess I'll have to suffer through one more...Happy Easter!

Scarlett (and )

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