Tipsy Tuesday (#11)

Hypothetically speaking, what would you do if you lost your keys or locked them in the car? I mean, I am not saying that I have EVER done this, but maybe some of you have...OK, I'll 'fess up, today's tip is for those of us who seem to be repeat offenders in this area...No names please..

Tip #11 Be prepared!

It's more than just a motto for the Boy Scouts! Prepare for mishaps. Make an extra copy of your house key and bury it in your neighbors' yard; make a second copy of your car key and tape it under your coworker's desk. Both may allow you to get home and inside the house if you loose your keys. If you do have to use them, pat yourself on the back for being smart.

I would be remiss if I didn't give the Rev a big pat on the back here for never getting mad at me when I misplace/lock away my keys. Thanks, hon!

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